Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chris Medina - Break Even - American Idol season 10 Auditions

     Last Wednesday January 26, 2011, we were watching American Idol and came to the last story of the episode and it touched my heart.

The story was about the singer Chris Medina who had a girlfriend of 8 years and engaged for 2 years and were 2 months away from getting married. Before the wedding she was injured in a serious car accident on October 2, 2009 while driving home from work.

The touching thing about the story is that Chris Medina has remain by her side even though she was seriously brain damage. Another nice part of the story is that he can really sing well. He really impressed all the judges and as I'm sure everyone who was watching. What happened next is very touching and made me cry. He made it to Hollywood for the next round. I hope he continues to win because he seems like a genuinely great guy. Good luck! Chris Medina.


Kamila said...

Naiyak din ako nung napanuod ko toh.. pramis.. huhuhu

melandria said...

hi, thanks for following me. Followed you here to via babiesandcontests.

Nene said...

@KAMILA - kmi din super huhuhu kmi ng asawa ko nun npnood nmin to sbay tanong s akin "ganon k din b s akin kpg napralize ako"?

@Melandria - Tnx for following back.. :)


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