Monday, January 24, 2011

The best friend I ever had

     Who does have a bestfriend?
      I guess everyone does. Its nice to have someone that you can grow with, share with, to be with, when it comes to happiness and sadness.

     I once had a best friend in my life that I was proud to be around. Starting when I met her, my world started to revolve around her and I didn't even realize it. I never opened up my heart and shared my inner feelings with anyone before her. I was extremely loyal to her.

     I  loved her so dearly like a sister. We shared everything we had and also we had so much in common. I was always by her side and I fought for her when she was in trouble at school. I cried with her when she was broken heart. We resolved many dilemmas she faced. I was her clown when she was sad. We shared showers together like kids playing under the water. It seemed like we never hid any secrets from each other. Even the flaws on our bodies we knew exactly where they were located ( isn't that funny). For me that was what being best friends was all about.

     She knew which food I enjoyed the most. I bought her some present in every special occassion even though I didn't receive any gifts in return, it wasn't a problem for me because I was happy to see her happy. We travelled together to witness what mother nature has. Every time I'm with her my heart was so full of happiness that there was no room for anymore and I always wished our friendship would last forever.

     But cupid struck her heart to a young man. She fell in love with him and I was so happy for her that she finally found someone. I became close with him and we both took care of her. Most of the time I was left alone and I understood that her relationship with her boyfriend was working good. I admit I felt a little jealous to him coz the girl I treated like my younger sister was stolen from me. Many days went by and their relationship had its ups and downs. We heard he had many issues which resulted in problems with their relationship and he resolved the problem by lies and alibis.

     One day by accident I discovered his wrong doing to their relationship. These made me feel very angry at him. Their relationship was struggling because of these things. I knew my best friend was aware of this but because of her love to him she just accepted his lies for truth. I think that is what is meant by "Love is Blind".

     I tried to tell her all these things but her eyes and ears were shut. In her eyes, her boyfriend was always in the right. She would just listen to his words and no one else. It hurt me to know that she didn't believe me and she thought that I was like other people who wanted their relationship broken. One day I received a text message from her and she was mad and furious. I was accused by her friend that I'm having an affair with her man. That was horrible! I never saw her so angry or heard her harsh words like that to me before. I was trying to talk to her but she shut her heart for me and instead she gave a very wide open door to her man. Maybe I realized that was what love is. After that incident, we seperated our lives.

     We haven't spoken to each other for all that time. I hope someday we maybe able to reconcile but for now her memory is only found in pictures. She is the best of friend that I ever had.

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pretty... keep in touch


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