Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How can I get rid of my warts?

     Eeeewee!! yaaiiikkss!! Probably that is how people feel about it. Believe it or not I have this kind of dilemma same as many of you guys. I couldn't believe it but I have warts. I had many warts located on my hands, one on my palm and a couple of warts on different parts of my finger. Maybe you think that my hand might be gross but really is not. I had this kind of problem since I started elementary until I reached high school. At the time I blamed my younger sister because she has 2 warts on her palm also. She was brave to remove them by using the heat of a cigarette and they went away. I tried this but I couldn't stand the pain. So I just left them on my hand. But sometimes you can feel embarrassed if someone sees them or also if your boyfriend wants to hold your hand and accidentally feels them. He might ask you "what is this?" Wouldn't that be embarrassing? I searched a lot of remedies to get rid of my warts but all of them are not effective.

     If you asked me if I got rid of the warts, I'll say yes and they were gone effortlessly. I don't know why they are gone suddenly. Maybe because I always washed clothes and the detergent soap or powder has a chemical that can get rid of the warts. I think this might be the reason that my warts are gone because they started to disappear  when I started using the detergent soap. Unfortunately, I cant remember the brand of the soap that I always used because after being wart free when I was in high school but then they came back again. Oh! no! Not again. Is all I can say. I suspected that I got this from my best friend because she had one and since we are bff we sometimes held hands. The new wart was located on my palm and on my right thumb. It was very annoying that it puffed up on the right thumb, because every time you have to put a thumb mark for special documents, the wart was printed. Ewwee!! hahaha!!

     Well to make the story short, I started becoming health conscious. I wanna eat foods that are healthy especially foods that contain anti-oxidants. So I started eating vegetables everyday. I always eat food with broccoli. Even when dining out I'll make sure I order food with broccoli in it. I know my heart and skin will benefit by eating this but it never entered my mind that it can also heal my skin problem even the warts. From then my warts started getting smaller and smaller until they were gone. I feel so relieved and I believe that the warts wont come back again because I am a fan of broccoli.

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