Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why we live our life?

     Our life is full of excitement.We want to live happy until our last breath of our life. Everyone says life is too short so lets live it to the fullest.

     So how can you live life to the fullest? Lots of examples to that is to travel with friends, going to some other places and to see different places. Going to parties every weekend and being fashionable. Wanna be the last one standing when it comes to drinking liquor. I cant deny it, I was one of them. These things can bring us pleasure to our self and please people around us. Do we sometimes ask our self "Did I please God according to his will"?

     Well, I thought of that. We have different religions. We all have our own faith and beliefs of how our ancestors taught us how to become religious. I thought I had enough knowledge about my religion. I went to church every Sunday, listen to the preaching of the priest about being good to our parents and fellowman and to be loving. But these are not enough, we must open our mind and reveal our self to the truth. Its not only our stomach we should need to fill but we need to fill our knowledge to the word of God. It is not boring like what others think. It is interesting to know what is the meaning of the Bible especially if you are going to dig into the content of this.

     Instead of Living life to the fullest, why not say We live life according to the will of God. In fact I could say we must.

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