Friday, January 28, 2011

Pizza Lover

     I went to Schnucks with my mother in law yesterday. Pizza came first into my mind when my mom asked me if I wanna go food shopping. Ofcourse! I rushed to jump into the bathroom and fixed myself as quick as possible.

     So we got there at Schnucks and I went right away to the pizza section. It cost 3 dollars, which is very cheap compared with other fast food pizza. Not bad. It was affordable and it suits perfectly for a penny pincher like me hehe! You can't blame me, our economy is bad so I really need to save every single penny.


     Many kinds of pizza were there. You might be a Bacon lover or a big fan of Ham and Cheese and others like Pepperoni and Vegetable supreme. Cooking pizza doesn't take many decades, its just 10 minutes and that's it. It tastes good and affordable.
      O.k. guys I don't wanna hold you there and  stay hungry.


CHEEN said...

yummy yummy :D em a pizza lover too XD haha. sana makapunta ako jan XD

Nene said...

@CHEEN - tara dto.. kain na..


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