Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chris Medina - Break Even - American Idol season 10 Auditions

     Last Wednesday January 26, 2011, we were watching American Idol and came to the last story of the episode and it touched my heart.

The story was about the singer Chris Medina who had a girlfriend of 8 years and engaged for 2 years and were 2 months away from getting married. Before the wedding she was injured in a serious car accident on October 2, 2009 while driving home from work.

The touching thing about the story is that Chris Medina has remain by her side even though she was seriously brain damage. Another nice part of the story is that he can really sing well. He really impressed all the judges and as I'm sure everyone who was watching. What happened next is very touching and made me cry. He made it to Hollywood for the next round. I hope he continues to win because he seems like a genuinely great guy. Good luck! Chris Medina.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Experiencing the Grand Canyon

      Going back to Missouri last May from Ca., we decided to stop and view the Grand Canyon on the way home. Its located in Arizona and just took us about an hour out of our way.

     We first drove up and parked in the tourist parking lot and followed the crowd. After a short walk of less than 5 minutes there it was. A tremendously beautiful sight. We stood there for many minutes just watching God's amazing creation then we decided to take pictures.

     I felt so lucky at the time to experience this view because looking at the pictures of the Grand Canyon cannot match actually seeing it in person. You get a sense that there must be a God when viewing its beauty.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Pizza Lover

     I went to Schnucks with my mother in law yesterday. Pizza came first into my mind when my mom asked me if I wanna go food shopping. Ofcourse! I rushed to jump into the bathroom and fixed myself as quick as possible.

     So we got there at Schnucks and I went right away to the pizza section. It cost 3 dollars, which is very cheap compared with other fast food pizza. Not bad. It was affordable and it suits perfectly for a penny pincher like me hehe! You can't blame me, our economy is bad so I really need to save every single penny.


     Many kinds of pizza were there. You might be a Bacon lover or a big fan of Ham and Cheese and others like Pepperoni and Vegetable supreme. Cooking pizza doesn't take many decades, its just 10 minutes and that's it. It tastes good and affordable.
      O.k. guys I don't wanna hold you there and  stay hungry.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Roxanne Guinoo and Elton Yap 2011 Wedding

     No one can forget her pretty face when she joined the popular reality show of Star Circle Teen Quest and won 2nd runner up. She was one of the top list well known celebrities in the Philippines and made a lot of movies over many years.

     Rumors were spread that she was pregnant which she admitted on air last February. She felt blessed for having a child in her womb. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last September 13, 2010. And now her dream wedding came true on January 23, 2011. She married to a non showbiz name Elton Yap. Every girl has the right to be jealous including me. This is a perfect wedding. I found this video on You Tube and I was mesmerized.

     Now, she has no plan quitting showbiz despite of being a mom and a wife.

My bad experience

     A year has gone by but the memory was still fresh in my mind and it is a nightmare in my dreams. It was always chasing me when I was about to sleep. My family and I were celebrating New Years day in my mother land province. It was in the afternoon when my nieces and their friends were excited to go swim in the ocean and invited me to come along. I was eager to see the ocean as it had been so long since I last laid my eyes on it. So I join them.

     We rode in a small boat for a while and it was very enjoyable to be far from the beach in the ocean. After that we went back to the beach and while they were searching for snails in the surf, I was practicing my swimming ability but I'm not certainly not a very good swimmer. I looked up and was shocked to see my niece drowning her playmate. I thought they were just playing at first so I leisurely swam towards. As I got closer I could see they were not playing. I wanted to help them but when I stood up I found the water is over my head. It was 5'2 deep water. Gosh! I got panicked. So we were all drowning at this point. I was trying to figure a way to escape our situation but the force under the water was very strong and was pulling me out to sea. I swallowed lots of water, was looking for air to breathe but all I can breathe is water. I was thinking "It can't be, I don't want my life to end like this." I truly thought it was the end of my life. I was very thankful that one of my other nieces saw us and helped us quickly.

     From that time until now I have a phobia to swim on the beach or in deep water in the pool. Oceans maybe sparkling in its beauty but it can also sweep your life away if you don't take care of yourself.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How can I get rid of my warts?

     Eeeewee!! yaaiiikkss!! Probably that is how people feel about it. Believe it or not I have this kind of dilemma same as many of you guys. I couldn't believe it but I have warts. I had many warts located on my hands, one on my palm and a couple of warts on different parts of my finger. Maybe you think that my hand might be gross but really is not. I had this kind of problem since I started elementary until I reached high school. At the time I blamed my younger sister because she has 2 warts on her palm also. She was brave to remove them by using the heat of a cigarette and they went away. I tried this but I couldn't stand the pain. So I just left them on my hand. But sometimes you can feel embarrassed if someone sees them or also if your boyfriend wants to hold your hand and accidentally feels them. He might ask you "what is this?" Wouldn't that be embarrassing? I searched a lot of remedies to get rid of my warts but all of them are not effective.

     If you asked me if I got rid of the warts, I'll say yes and they were gone effortlessly. I don't know why they are gone suddenly. Maybe because I always washed clothes and the detergent soap or powder has a chemical that can get rid of the warts. I think this might be the reason that my warts are gone because they started to disappear  when I started using the detergent soap. Unfortunately, I cant remember the brand of the soap that I always used because after being wart free when I was in high school but then they came back again. Oh! no! Not again. Is all I can say. I suspected that I got this from my best friend because she had one and since we are bff we sometimes held hands. The new wart was located on my palm and on my right thumb. It was very annoying that it puffed up on the right thumb, because every time you have to put a thumb mark for special documents, the wart was printed. Ewwee!! hahaha!!

     Well to make the story short, I started becoming health conscious. I wanna eat foods that are healthy especially foods that contain anti-oxidants. So I started eating vegetables everyday. I always eat food with broccoli. Even when dining out I'll make sure I order food with broccoli in it. I know my heart and skin will benefit by eating this but it never entered my mind that it can also heal my skin problem even the warts. From then my warts started getting smaller and smaller until they were gone. I feel so relieved and I believe that the warts wont come back again because I am a fan of broccoli.

Why we live our life?

     Our life is full of excitement.We want to live happy until our last breath of our life. Everyone says life is too short so lets live it to the fullest.

     So how can you live life to the fullest? Lots of examples to that is to travel with friends, going to some other places and to see different places. Going to parties every weekend and being fashionable. Wanna be the last one standing when it comes to drinking liquor. I cant deny it, I was one of them. These things can bring us pleasure to our self and please people around us. Do we sometimes ask our self "Did I please God according to his will"?

     Well, I thought of that. We have different religions. We all have our own faith and beliefs of how our ancestors taught us how to become religious. I thought I had enough knowledge about my religion. I went to church every Sunday, listen to the preaching of the priest about being good to our parents and fellowman and to be loving. But these are not enough, we must open our mind and reveal our self to the truth. Its not only our stomach we should need to fill but we need to fill our knowledge to the word of God. It is not boring like what others think. It is interesting to know what is the meaning of the Bible especially if you are going to dig into the content of this.

     Instead of Living life to the fullest, why not say We live life according to the will of God. In fact I could say we must.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The best friend I ever had

     Who does have a bestfriend?
      I guess everyone does. Its nice to have someone that you can grow with, share with, to be with, when it comes to happiness and sadness.

     I once had a best friend in my life that I was proud to be around. Starting when I met her, my world started to revolve around her and I didn't even realize it. I never opened up my heart and shared my inner feelings with anyone before her. I was extremely loyal to her.

     I  loved her so dearly like a sister. We shared everything we had and also we had so much in common. I was always by her side and I fought for her when she was in trouble at school. I cried with her when she was broken heart. We resolved many dilemmas she faced. I was her clown when she was sad. We shared showers together like kids playing under the water. It seemed like we never hid any secrets from each other. Even the flaws on our bodies we knew exactly where they were located ( isn't that funny). For me that was what being best friends was all about.

     She knew which food I enjoyed the most. I bought her some present in every special occassion even though I didn't receive any gifts in return, it wasn't a problem for me because I was happy to see her happy. We travelled together to witness what mother nature has. Every time I'm with her my heart was so full of happiness that there was no room for anymore and I always wished our friendship would last forever.

     But cupid struck her heart to a young man. She fell in love with him and I was so happy for her that she finally found someone. I became close with him and we both took care of her. Most of the time I was left alone and I understood that her relationship with her boyfriend was working good. I admit I felt a little jealous to him coz the girl I treated like my younger sister was stolen from me. Many days went by and their relationship had its ups and downs. We heard he had many issues which resulted in problems with their relationship and he resolved the problem by lies and alibis.

     One day by accident I discovered his wrong doing to their relationship. These made me feel very angry at him. Their relationship was struggling because of these things. I knew my best friend was aware of this but because of her love to him she just accepted his lies for truth. I think that is what is meant by "Love is Blind".

     I tried to tell her all these things but her eyes and ears were shut. In her eyes, her boyfriend was always in the right. She would just listen to his words and no one else. It hurt me to know that she didn't believe me and she thought that I was like other people who wanted their relationship broken. One day I received a text message from her and she was mad and furious. I was accused by her friend that I'm having an affair with her man. That was horrible! I never saw her so angry or heard her harsh words like that to me before. I was trying to talk to her but she shut her heart for me and instead she gave a very wide open door to her man. Maybe I realized that was what love is. After that incident, we seperated our lives.

     We haven't spoken to each other for all that time. I hope someday we maybe able to reconcile but for now her memory is only found in pictures. She is the best of friend that I ever had.


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