Friday, December 31, 2010

Winter Experience

Hey, blogger's world!
This is my first try at blogging and I am very excited.
Yesterday, we had a serious winter storm and we ended up of almost 1 foot of snow and freezing temperatures. It is very depressing to not see the sunshine for almost a month.With it being so cold it is hard to go outside to shop, to stroll, to dine out or anything that requires being outside the house. You have to take off and on 3 layer of clothes and pants and its very tiring doing that everytime we go out.

        So, I'd rather stay at home with the companionship of tv, gaming and internet to help avoid of being sad. While snowing outside, I want to warm up the temperature of my body by sipping hot milo. It really helps me to stay warm. Also to keep staying at home interesting I have been playing Tennis and Just Dance on my wii (which is great exercise as well as making me sweat.).

         I'd love to hear your comments on how you cope with the winter weather?


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