Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My bad experience

     A year has gone by but the memory was still fresh in my mind and it is a nightmare in my dreams. It was always chasing me when I was about to sleep. My family and I were celebrating New Years day in my mother land province. It was in the afternoon when my nieces and their friends were excited to go swim in the ocean and invited me to come along. I was eager to see the ocean as it had been so long since I last laid my eyes on it. So I join them.

     We rode in a small boat for a while and it was very enjoyable to be far from the beach in the ocean. After that we went back to the beach and while they were searching for snails in the surf, I was practicing my swimming ability but I'm not certainly not a very good swimmer. I looked up and was shocked to see my niece drowning her playmate. I thought they were just playing at first so I leisurely swam towards. As I got closer I could see they were not playing. I wanted to help them but when I stood up I found the water is over my head. It was 5'2 deep water. Gosh! I got panicked. So we were all drowning at this point. I was trying to figure a way to escape our situation but the force under the water was very strong and was pulling me out to sea. I swallowed lots of water, was looking for air to breathe but all I can breathe is water. I was thinking "It can't be, I don't want my life to end like this." I truly thought it was the end of my life. I was very thankful that one of my other nieces saw us and helped us quickly.

     From that time until now I have a phobia to swim on the beach or in deep water in the pool. Oceans maybe sparkling in its beauty but it can also sweep your life away if you don't take care of yourself.


bbtoo said...

Hi there...I was so emotional when I read your blog. God is good to saved all of you guys.

Nene said...

yeah it was an awful experience but God hold us through. I thank him for giving us a second chance at life.

Mrs. Kolca said...

I have the same experience when I was in grade school. Good thing that I was able to overcome my fear and tried to swim like a dog until the shore. God truly watches. He is there to save us!


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