Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hello Again!!

Hi to all my bloggers!!
I'm back in action.. I'm sorry for not posting in so long However i had been very busy at work.
I was hired by Panda Express restaurant last March and working there has kept me very busy.. I have lots of stories to tellabout the time working there.. From now on I'll try to keep this blog active with lots of good stories.. Thanks for keeping loyal to my blog and I will post something very soon..


Anonymous said...

Wow. new job.. :) Good luck! :)

kikilabotz said...

hi ms nene, hehe. I am kikilabotz and i am glad to tell you that someone nominated you as hottest Filipino blogger of the month of august.

see this link for more info

and would like to ask if i can grab some of your picture..and if its ok with you can u answer this question.

kung ikaw ay gulay ano at bakit?

nwei the said contestis just for fun, no prizes, no trophy. just a simple recognition. Hoping that you will participate. tnx.

nwei bawal tumanggi. bwahahahaha

Pink MagaLine said...

Cool that you finally got a job. Yeah, please go back into blogging! :D

emmanuelmateo said...

ui nene..ang tagal mong nawala. namiss kita hehe

magandang umaga.keep blogging.

Nene said...

@Leah- Thanks you!!

@kikilabotz- Thanks for the compliment, If I were a vegetable, I would be broccoli bec. it is healthy and it has anti-oxidant for youth.. hehe

Nene said...

@Pink magaline - Thank you, I'm excited to get back into blogging..

@emmanuel - I miss you too and everyone in the blogosphere..


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