Monday, February 17, 2014


This picture was taken last Friday night February 14, 2014. I fell asleep while we were travelling 5 hours going to La Motte Iowa for the World Wide Walk project of Iglesia ni Cristo. I was so excited to attend this event, walking 3 miles for all the victims of Haiyan in Tacloban. Meanwhile there were  thousands of people in Roxas Blvd who were ready to walk during that time. It was amazing to be a part of this event especially helping the Haiyan victims. Oh! Please meet my KUKU, my favorite hugguble owl. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hello Again!!

Hi to all my bloggers!!
I'm back in action.. I'm sorry for not posting in so long However i had been very busy at work.
I was hired by Panda Express restaurant last March and working there has kept me very busy.. I have lots of stories to tellabout the time working there.. From now on I'll try to keep this blog active with lots of good stories.. Thanks for keeping loyal to my blog and I will post something very soon..

Monday, February 28, 2011

2 Filipinos on the American Idol top 24 Season 10

     Every time I watch American Idol, I'm always waiting for the Filipinos that audition and until they make it to the final 24. At that time, I will start to support them and cheer with them. You know guys that's all I can do. Unfortunately, I wasn't blessed with a golden voice lol. I'm still practicing my voice skills at our neighborhood's karaoke. hahaha! jk.

     So now we are in another season and the battle has begun among these great singers. The good news for us is that there are 2 Filipinos who made it to the top 24 of American Idol. Clint Jun Gamboa was the first man selected to the 12 male finalists and Thia Megia, after a nerve-racking discussion, was the last contestant selected to the 12 female finalists. It seems like most of the finalists have some foreign blood as few were just traditional Americans.

     Our fellow Filipinos have traditionally done well in this competition. Camille Velasco finished in the top 9 and also remember Jasmine Trias who finished in the Final 3 and she became popular in the Philippines (they both were in Season 3). Ramielle Malubay was the last Filipino who made it to the final 24 in American Idol Season 7. She ended at the top 9.

     Next week, the 10th season of American Idol, will start the battle for the best of the best. Hopefully, our fellow Filipinos can make it up to the top. Good luck to the Fil-Am contestants.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Korean Shows

     I can't remember the last time I watched the Koreanovela shows on t.v. Oh Yeah! I remember the show entitled "Shining Inheritance". As usual, among all the Korean shows, this one was another successful story that aired on t.v. I can name all my Korean favorite shows that I like:

     There are maybe many more but I can't remember the titles. but the above shows are remarkable in my heart. I still can remember how crazy about the Korean shows and so I applied for a job in a Korean restaurant. I was hoping that maybe I might meet somebody like one of a romantic leading man in the Korean shows lol (isn't that crazy).

     The one thing I really like about the Koreanovela is how they make the story original. They really think hard about the twist. They make it less action, not many kissing scenes and innocent romance. In addition to that, all the characters are good looking  and in my opinion, Korean faces are the loveliest faces in Asia. :D

     Now I'm far away from my beloved country and I don't know what good Korean shows are on t.v. Our TFC/GMA doesn't play any Korean shows but only have Filipino drama shows. Today, I've been busy watching all the episodes of "Cinderella's sister" online. I saw a glimpse of this show during the TV PATROL and realized what Korean drama is on t.v. right now. This is why the topic was brought up to this subject.
Maybe guys you can help me find  good Koreanovela show on t.v. beside the Cinderella's sister. I'm off track now.  ='(

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Holding friends close?

     I miss my friends back in the Philippines. Some of the ways I used to show affection to them was to hold their hands, sit close next to them and have deep talks. This is one of the nice Filipino customs between friends.

     A few weeks ago, one of my close friends and I went shopping in a nearby mall. Naturally as per Filipino custom, we showed ourselves as a friends by  holding  hands while we walked. I knew it was nothing because we are both girls. When we got home, our elderly Filipino friend asked us if we held hands or sat close to each other in the mall. I was wondering why she asked that since I believe there is nothing wrong with doing that.. She explained that doing those things to show your closeness is not the customs here in the US. People might think you may be in a relationship with the other person.

      I suddenly thought about an Am-girl that was so kind to me and I felt so close to her. I showed my  friendliness to her by doing the Filipino customs (holding hands, sitting close to each other, took picture together) but I didn't realize she may misunderstand my way and think that I wanted a relationship with her.

     Its very hard to change your  customs when you have been practicing them  all your life. But I'm trying hard to break myself to this habit in public as Americans do not seem to understand this custom. However when I'm only with my Filipino friends I plan to continue to follow the custom.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gay Marriage???

     For many years now in the states, there has been a battle for gays to want to have gay marriage recognized by the entire country. They feel that they are just like a normal couple and should be treated that way. Unfortunately many disagree since traditional marriage between a man and a woman is called for in the bible. However, the gays don't accept this and believe that everyone should be forced to accept their marriage regardless.

     I don't really understand why the gays have to force this issue and just are not content with society accepting thier partnership. They should not expect people to change thier religious belief to suit thier desire to be considered normal in marriage. Despite most people not wanting gay marriage, the gays are trying through the courts to force it on people. Some state have even voted on this issue and decided not to allow gay marriage only to have the courts over turn the vote ( in Ca. for example).

     Marriage is a sacred contract sanctioned in the bible. Also, being gay is considered a sin in the bible. Therefore why should the gays be able to force their belief that they should be able to be married on the rest of the country when it is opposite to the bible's teaching.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Shopping Sunday

     Oohhh! My leg was hurting, my feet was sore, my wallet was empty. Yes you guessed it, my friend and I went to the mall to shop. It was such a gorgeous day outside so I just didn't want to stay at home.. It was Sunday so we had to rush a little bit because on Sunday the mall closes at 6pm. This early closing is kinda of irritating because I'm used to the Philippines where Sunday the mall stay open late, to make sure to collect as many sales as possible.
      Well anyway I bought some nice things and I saw a lot of nice bargains for clearance winter items. They dropped many prices up to $10. Unfortunately I saw a very nice outfit that I didn't buy because I ran out of money. As I continued to shop I saw another item I fell in love with and I could not resist to buy. I'm happy that it looks nice on me so I went to the cashier to check out. I suddenly realized I may not have enough money for it (*toink*) I didn't know what to say to the cashier but thankfully it was %25 off. whew! the discount saved me.  
     When I shop the next time, I'll make sure to bring a financier with me to avoid any unexpected money problem.. nyahaha!!


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