Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary!!

Today is my first wedding anniversary to my loving husband. It has been quite an experience,
our love growing each today as we became closer and closer over the year. We have shared great
times together and also helped each other through challenging times as well. My husband and I
started our relationship as close friends and we remain best friends today as well as husband
and wife.

The morning started with my hubby waking me up to get ready for work as he took the day off
from work so he could be with me as much as possible. He then brought me to work and I had to
complete my shift. When my shift ended my hubby picked me up and had a
wonderful surpeise waiting for me. He gave me a beautiful card and a pair of diamond earings
from Jared. They are so beautiful.

Later we attended my worship service then we had a delicious
dinner at Red Lobster. I didn't come close to finishing so I'll have a mice seafood breakfast

We are relaxing together now as I write this blog. What a nice anniversary and can't wait for the
many more to come.


Pink MagaLine said...

Happy Anniversary sa inyo. Hey, I am inviting you to join my giveaway. It is fun. See ya at Pink MagaLine :D

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

happy first wedding anniversary sa inyo..

burn the fat build the muscle said...

maybe this is old post but i can't help to feel happy when someone celebrating happy anniversary may the two of you lives happily ever after

Sam D. said...

I kinda late for this but Belated happy 1st wedding aniverssary! I wish you more love and happiness on your married life.


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